Image by Kalen Emsley




What is 7th Sunday?

On 7th Sunday All WCC Sunday services will be held online.  There will be no in person church service held at 11750 US HWY 301 Parrish FL.  A special 7th Sunday service will be made available to watch and share with others online.

Why 7th Sunday?

1.    Rest and Recovery for our faithful WCC volunteers Staff

2.    Opportunity to invite new people to experience WCC

3.    Breaks for WCC Pastors to receive training

4.    Down time for WCC building maintenance & remodel projects

How to Embrace 7th Sunday

1.    Be creative / use your imagination!

2.    Start Planning today!

3.    Invite others to join you!

4.    Rest, recover, and recreate with your family and friends!


When is 7th Sunday?

The Schedule of 7th Sundays for the remainder of 2021 are as follows:

1.    7th Sunday - March 28th (Palm Sunday)

2.    7th Sunday - May 16th

3.    7th Sunday - July 4th

4.    7th Sunday - Aug 22nd

5.    7th Sunday - October 10th

6.    7th Sunday - November 28th