Behind the story!

Jerusalem Jones - The Adventure Begins.........



The year is 1939.  An archaeology professor named Jerusalem Jones is venturing through the Jungles of the Zaire River Basin with her associate Dr. Marsha Brodie and their team of Gracie Schneider and Short Round.  Dr Jones comes across the fragment of a map on her last adventure.  This is not just an ordinary map but a series of maps leading to the ultimate treasure, The Greatest Treasure that the World has ever seen!  As the adventurers cut through the jungle, carefully maneuvering through the dangerous pitfalls and the natural predators, a cave is found.  Writings and hieroglyphics are found on the cave walls.  Our courageous heroines decipher the clues to find the treasures.  Could it be that easy? or does Dr Jones and her arch-rival, Dr. Saul Damascus, have something to say about that?


What is the Greatest Treasure the World has ever seen? Do our heroines have what it takes to outsmart Dr. Damascus? 


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