Character briefs!

Dr. Jerusalem Jones  - Born Harriet Olivia Jones.  She is a professor of archaeology and history at Oxford college.  Her passion for the treasures and knowledge of history have led to her extra curricular activities of grave robbing and swashbuckling. 

Dr. Jones is quite fluent in all languages and cultures past and present.  When we first meet Jerusalem, she is all about finding antiquities and sharing with the world the treasures of the past.  She respects the cultures and customs of others. 

As she spends more time with Dr. Brodie her philosophies begin to change.  Her desires change from being a treasure hunter- x marks the spot - to now desiring to experience deeper theological truths.  With the help of her faithful lifelong colleague,

Dr. Marsha Brodie, Dr Jones learns to choose the Treasure of Heaven instead of those of the world.


Dr. Marsha Brodie    -    Dr Brodie has been a life long friend with Dr. Jones and a professional colleague at Oxford college.  She is a history and Ancient Language professor.  Their families were separated by their religious beliefs, but both girls found common ground in their love of history, adventure, and antiquities.  Her connection with Dr. Jones goes far beyond swashbuckling.  Her drive is based on her relationship with Jesus.  As their adventures continue, the opportunities to share Jesus with Jerusalem grow also.

Gracie Schneider  -     Gracie is an archaeology student at Oxford college.  Her mentor is Dr. Brodie.  Because of her academic excellence and passion for uncovering history, she is a valuable asset to both of the Drs.  She is trying to find her way in life and also the truth about who God is.  Gracie sees the passion of both Drs but also sees their differences concerning faith.  Which is the right way?  The decision is hers to make.

Dr. Saul Damascus   -    A brilliant archaeologist used to be best friends with Dr. Jones until greed became the third partner.  He and Jerusalem are very much alike.  Archaeology is their true religion yet they both have fallen from the pure faith. 

Dr D has spent all his life in pursuit of archaeological relics without knowing their true meaning.  He is happy to rob, cheat, and steal to get what he wants.  Dr. Jones runs all the risks and does all the work but for a long time it has always been Dr D who gets the treasure in the end.  There are some very distinct differences between the two. Two main ones are that Dr Jones wants the treasures to be displayed at museums for all the world to appreciate while Dr D wants to sell them to the highest bidder.  The most important difference, is their belief in God.  Dr Jones believes that there is a God, while Dr D does not.

Short Round     -  During one of Jerusalem's far east adventures, she came across this young girl who tried to pick her pocket.  After chasing her down, she finds that this little girl is orphaned and living on the streets.  She feels compassion for her and decides to take her in.  When she was a little girl she was left at the orphanage.  The children used to call her Short round. 

No one knows why but the name stuck.  These two have become a family.  Short round is very loyal and resourceful.


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